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Will Vinyl Wrap Damage Car Paint?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

In short, no. Vinyl car wraps will not damage your car's paint.

Actually, if the paint is factory paint, the wrap will protect that surface and preserve the quality of the paint underneath.

The vinyl acts as a cover for the paint, preventing damage from weather exposure on it. It also can provide some protection from small scratches and dings from rocks or debris. If removed correctly, the vinyl won’t leave any residue, peel any paint, or peel any clear coat with it.

What if there is Poor Quality Paint on My Vehicle?

While we wrap many new vehicles, both leased and owned, we understand that not every vehicle is coming to us directly from the factory. Many of our clients re-purpose used vehicles. This is not uncommon at all. Many companies use older or re-purposed vehicles in their fleets. Wrapping these vehicles is not a problem as long as you are not later surprised by unexpected paint damage when removed. Our transparent, full disclosure practices make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your wrap project. Come visit us today at 194 Industrial Blvd, Suite 102, McKinney TX.

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