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Tips To Create A Great Logo

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Your logo plays an extremely important role in the promotion of your brand. It’s especially important if you’re promoting your brand with car wraps. Your logo needs to catch the attention of potential customers, and these tips can help make your wrap as effective as possible:

Choosing the Right Colors

Colors evoke different types of moods. It's important that your logo's colors match with your brand personality, otherwise it can confuse or even deter customers from using you rather than a competitor. If your brand offers services for festivities or other uplifting occasions, it’s best to choose bright, cheerful colors for your logo. However, if your audience is likely to be experiencing distress, bright colors are typically not a good choice for your logo.

Do some research on color psychology. Not everyone reacts the same way to color and it depends on the context. For example, red can evoke a feeling of affection (Valentine's Day, roses, etc.) or be aggressive and demanding (horror movies, emergency rooms, etc.)

Another example, and my favorite, is the color blue. It's known to evoke a feeling of trust and is mentally soothing. Some examples of companies that use the color blue are hospitals, spas, banks, etc.

A good amount of brands use complementary colors for their logos and wraps. Complementary colors are opposites, like red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow. Using complementary colors will create some visual tension, thus making your logo stand out. Opposites attract!

Pro Tip: pick a primary color (red, blue, and yellow) as your main color, and then accent it with its complement color for more of a 7:3 ratio. This provides a beautiful color pairing, but also lets your eyes break on the opposite color.

Pick out colors that contrast with the background of your car wraps

You need to make sure that people are able to notice your logo when they’re looking at your car wrap from a significant distance away. Therefore, you need to ensure that there’s a sharp contrast between the background and your logo, phone number, website, etc. If you have a white background, just about anything will show up. The only exception is off-white colors, such as beige. If you choose a black or dark background, it’s typically best to choose lighter colors for your logo, such as white, yellow, or neon green. Go bold! If you need help, reach out to us!

Hire a professional graphic designer

Hiring a professional graphic designer is probably the best way to ensure that your logo looks great. Not only can they help you to design a logo for your brand, but they can help you pick out the right color scheme for different parts of your logo that fit your brand personality. They can also design background imagery for your vehicle wraps. Graphic designers will use computer software programs to ensure that your logo is precisely drawn and looks great. At Rhino Wraps, our graphic designers can help you with this whole process.

We offer the best car wraps in the DFW area

If you’re planning to use car wrap marketing to promote your brand, choose Rhino Wraps. We will ensure that your logo looks great on your car wrap, and you can trust us to ensure that your car wrap fits & complements your vehicle perfectly. So, request a quote via phone or our website form now!

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