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School Wall Graphic Ideas

Creating custom wall decals can really brighten up your classroom, hallways, entrywalls, and cafeterias! Here's a few different ideas to use wall decals in your school:

1. School Logo

This can be your logo, mascot, or anything else that represents your school! It's best for empty spaces in offices, entryways, and cafeterias. Build some school pride by showcasing your logo!

2. Classroom-specific decals

Decals like these can easily liven up a classroom! When making a custom decal like this, the options are limitless. Not sure what would look good in your classroom? Work with our graphic designer!

3. Fun Designs

Spice up some empty spaces around your school with eye-catching decals! Here's some ideas:

At Rhino Wraps, your options with wall decals are completely limitless. Our graphic designers can work with you to create something perfect for your space. Want to brighten up your classroom or school hallways? Reach out to us for a quote now!

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