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How To Design A High-Impact Car Wrap

Businesses need to find the perfect balance between growth and profitability to remain afloat. That’s why advertising plays a vital role in all businesses, whether large or small. However, just because your competitor uses a certain form of advertising doesn’t mean you should.

Knowing what works for your business and audience is key to maximizing your adverts. Luckily, vehicle wraps are an effective yet simple form of advertising that works for businesses in any niche. They’re versatile and relatively inexpensive compared to other advertising mediums as they don’t have recurring fees.

Local businesses benefit most from vehicle graphics as they can use their assets for marketing purposes. If you’re thinking of getting your vehicle wrapped, here are four principles that guarantee advertising success.

1. Keep it simple

An attractive car wrap that captures your target audience’s attention is simple, not overly distracting, and legible. Remember, you’re delivering vital information in a limited window. So, your vehicle wrap design should be clear and readable from a distance for viewers to comprehend and understand your message quickly and easily.

2. Consider colors carefully

Generally, it’s smart to stick to two or three colors that perfectly contrast with each other, increasing readability and visibility. Some tried and tested color combinations include:

• Red and black • Yellow and blue • Navy, red, and yellow • White and blue

3. Consider the finished look

Vehicle wraps can be significantly altered by the opening of a window or door. Additionally, when you’re stuck in traffic, your wrap’s message can be distorted at different angles. Hence, before approving the final design, check how your car wrap appears from different angles.

Can viewers understand the message when they’re at the rear end of the car? Do windows or doors cut off certain text when opened?

4. Use engaging shapes

Unlike images, shapes can add depth, interest, and emphasis to your wrap. They not only generate visual interest but also appeal to your viewer’s subconscious. Therefore, try and incorporate unique shapes such as curved edges into your vehicle wrap design to increase the likelihood of prospects seeing your car wrap.

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