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3 Tips To Wash Your Car-Wrapped Vehicle

If you want to ensure your car wraps and vehicle graphics stay looking good and fade-free, it’s important to wash your vehicle regularly. Vehicles with wraps and graphics can be washed just as often as those painted. In fact, washing whenever the vehicle is dirty will reduce those grimy contaminants that become more difficult to clean when left on for a longer period of time.

Check out these tips for successful car wrap maintenance:

Hand washing

Hand washing is the preferred method of cleaning your car-wrapped vehicle, but make sure not to use abrasive solutions or tools. Rinse with water first, to loosen and remove as much dirt as possible. Then wash with a gentle cleanser and soft sponge or cloth. Finally, rinse the vehicle again completely. To dry, microfiber cloths are a good choice that won’t leave anything behind.

Car washing

If you don’t have the option to hand wash, you can certainly use your local car wash. Don’t use a brush, however. Brushes can pull up corners of the film and the bristle motions can reduce the graphic shine, or even worse, scratch it. Touchless car wash systems are the gentlest way to protect your car wrap. And just like with hand washing, do a thorough pre-rinse to remove dirt before moving to the wash step.

Pressure washing

Check with Rhino Wraps first, but if you are considering pressure washing your vehicle, 3M recommends that you follow these guidelines:

– Keep the water pressure below 2,000 psi (14 MPa). – Water temperature should be kept below 180 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius). – The spray nozzle should have a 40-degree wide-angle spray pattern. – Keep the stream in a perpendicular trajectory to the graphic (90 degrees). Do not spray toward the graphic at an angle, as this can cause the edges to lift.

Experts also recommend staying away from wax and polishes. While these materials are often used to help protect painted vehicles, they can do damage to vinyl and cause the wrap to age much quicker.

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