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20 Interesting Custom Car Wraps

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We've scoured the internet to find the most interesting car wraps so you don't have to.

Hey all you cool cats and that still cool to say?

Pretty sure I know what this person's favorite show is.

Intergalactic car wraps are the future

Apparently this one is named the "Nyanborghini Purracan"

The Spiderman-Mobile

I guess old and rusty is just this persons aesthetic...?

Wondering how long this one took to put together

I mean, lots of people like watermelons... but I think it's safe to say this guy LOVES watermelons.

I feel like I'm being hypnotized just looking at this.

This is one of the most unique car wraps I've seen!

Talk about a bold car wrap! #chargeboldly

It looks like a Samoan shoulder tattoo made out of a Jamaican flag, infused with a touch of excellent street graffiti.

Taste the rainbow

*Me trying to think of another Tiger King reference*

I'm wondering how difficult it is to clean this one...

There are few things I like more than this 90s-style car wrap.

Pretty sure I'm going to see this in my nightmares tonight ... anyone else?

Okay, I take it back - there are few things I like more than THIS car wrap.

The X-Ray mobile ... pretty cool!

& Last, but certainly not least

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